Love, tenderness and excellence are the motivation that mothers of the world have traditionally demonstrated for centuries

in preparing the layettes announcing the birth of their children and the pride they take in having them beautifully dressed.

Auraluz learned her skills at the expert hands of the nuns who taught her the tradition which enabled her to dress her dolls with tenderness, as a child,

her own children with love, as a mother, and many children with excellence, when she taught other mothers to embroider and create with

the same beauty and in the same tradition.

For many years, Auraluz has designed the lovely treasures that the children of yesterday wore, and today allows them to dress their children

and in the future their grandchildren in the same high quality creations. Each garment made by Auraluz is created by expert hands from

start to finish - the selection and quality of the fabrics, the delicacy of the adornments, the exactness of the cut, the perfection of the handwork

which includes the design, the embroidery and even the hems. Everything is perfectly finished, inside and out.

Auraluz makes clothes for your children, like our grandmothers used to make without the pressure of time considering only that

every mother wants the best for her child.

"Dedicated to tradition and quality for over 49 years"